Where Old Mexico Meets New Mexico

Historic Village of Columbus

The Culture of the Historic Village of Columbus, NM is of a Multicultural Bilingual Historical Heritage, The People of the Village of Columbus and the surrounding area are steeped in history. Most area residents including those in Palomas, Mexico the Sister City of Columbus have a lineage connecting them to a historic event, relative/s or friends that have been part of a historic event that they can claim a connection to. There are families that have roots here since the 1800’s and before.

The  Village is made up of about 85% Spanish and Bilinguals speaking families with few single individuals but with a large number of elderly and a growing number of young couples with children, and 15% Bilingual and English speaking families and a majority of single individuals with most of these being in the elderly community. All these make up a colorful and multicultural society who interconnects mostly with historic events such as the Binational Friendship Festival, the Memorial of the Fallen Americans during the Francisco “Pancho” Villa Raid, The Founding of Columbus Day-that capture the attention and imagination of all the residents and many tourists seeking the thrill and adventure of hundreds of riders on horseback, food, music, entertainment, and military memorial services.