The Village of Columbus is a Certified Local Government overseeing several listings on the National Register of Historic Places. The administrative entity is the Historic Preservation Commission, as specified in Village Ordinance 265.

Historic Preservation Commission Members

Maria Constantine (Commission Chair)
Karen Martin (Commission Secretary)
Jonathin Horsley
Barbara Agte
Kristen Frank

Public Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, 5pm at the Columbus Village Library.

History is Where We Are From

Columbus is full of amazing things from our past. We have landmarks throughout our community that
tell stories of the homesteaders, ranchers, immigrants, and merchants who built this Village. Classic
architectural styles and native materials blend to give us our local flavor.

Do you have a place that feels historic, and should be in our Village Registry? Here’s how:
1. Fill out our application.
2. Come to our next public meeting and we’ll be glad to talk about your ideas.
3. The HPC recommendations are voted on at a monthly meeting of the Mayor & Trustees.
4. Once approved, the location will be added to the Village Registry.