Village of Columbus Fire/Ems department

Columbus Firefighting began of necessity in the nineteen-teens. Our first fire truck was purchased in the 1920s. It has since been restored and is on display in Duncan, Arizona. Our 1955 Pumper was originally housed in what is now City Hall. It remained in service until 2005 and is currently under tarps at our present location. Columbus population is approximately 1,600 people, our first out response area is 888 square miles, from the Grant County line all along our international border to Dona Ana County.

The Columbus Volunteer Fire Department is composed of 18 members, two Class A pumper trucks, a brush truck, a 3,200 gallon tender truck, a rapid response personnel truck and an Incident Command truck. Due to distance and terrain, response times and accessibility are greatly variable. We are pleased to partner resources first with Luna County, then with State and National agencies as needs arise.

Covid-19 Response

The Columbus Fire/Ems department is still working in coordination with New Mexico Department of Health to have the Covid-19 vaccines available in our department every 3 weeks. Please register on-line at

Drive-Thru Covid- 19 Clinics being held at the Columbus Fire/EMs department residents of Luna County, Columbus, Deming and Palomas Mexico have been able to receive the vaccination.

Covid- 19 Response

Over a thousand people have participated in getting their Covid-19 vaccinations at the Columbus Fire Department over the past several months.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed at the Columbus Fire Department. We teach you, free of charge, to Firefighters and tend to Ambulance calls. Please call 575-531-2225 for more information.

Thank you to the Volunteers that donate so much of their time in keeping the Ambulance service available in Columbus.