Village of Columbus Street Department

This past year the street dept. has been working on the Altura walking path, this project will benefit the village community for better health and the buetification of the town. This is a multi purpose path, it will be used for walking, running and bicycling, it is on the north side of Altura Street it has solar lighting for evening walks and exercises, its also out of the traffic. The department is working on other walk paths on Pajaro st. and N. Boundary, all paths together will be 3 miles in distance, it will also include solar lighting in it. The street dept. worked with parks dept. and built a walk path on Albert Fields Park it is also lighted and is a quarter mile in distance, it gave the park a good look and we had positive feed back on it. The Mayor is working on some grants for the following streets Main st., Jesus Carreon ave., Lima st. and Taft, these street will be reconstructed to DOT standards and will make the town look nice. The Broadway project has been completed and we are going to install solar lighting making the town more attractive for visitors. The street dept. aso built concrete step in front of the City hall, Patio Café , VFW, and Library, this will help the elderly people go into these buildings. The Street dept. is working very hard to maintaine the rest of the street well graded for our residents. The village has purchased a new grader so we can accomplish all these projects and street maintenance.