Village of Columbus Water & Wastewater Department

My name is Robert Gomez and I was born in Deming, New Mexico in 1961, but I was raised in Columbus, New Mexico, my father Robert Gomez Sr. and I farmed the lands around Columbus for many years with great success, till around the early 90’s. Then two years in a row we had crop damage due to hail and flooding and forced us to sell the farms, that’s when I applied to work with the Village of Columbus as Water and Wastewater helper in 1997. I have dedicated 24 years of my life to the Village of Columbus and have accomplished many goals in the water and wastewater department, one of them being to  get safe drinking water to our residents using reverse osmosis this was a huge step for the Village of Columbus in providing an excellent source of safe drinking water due to the fact that for many years we were under EPA violation because of high fluoride in the well water, also in the many years that I have worked for the Village we were able to secure funding to build a wastewater plant for the Village and wastewater distribution system and pump and demolish all the old septic systems that were contaminating our soils and water table, to this day I strive to provide the best customer service to our residents and will continue to serve to better our lives here in Columbus, New Mexico

Robert Gomez

Public Works Director

My name is Roberto Nunez and I started to work for the Village of Columbus in 2003. I started as a labor worker in all departments.  I was soon assigned to the water department and been there ever since.  I have been going to trainings to get my certifications and licenses to work in the water and sewer departments.  I’m a duly qualified and certified as a level 4 water and level 2 wastewater utility operator.  I became water superintendent in 2008.   Our duty in the water department is to provide good potable water for the community residents.  The water department run mostly by me Roberto Nunez but with help from Bobby Gomez, and Rene Amaya.  We all our best to help each other when needed in both departments water and sewer.  We collect water samples every month to comply with the New Mexico Water Beaurau.  We install new water and sewer connections, fix water leaks, install new water and sewer lines.  We read meters every month and connect and disconnect water services when required.  We run the Reverse Osmosis Water Plant.  We do all the maintenance on all the equipment at the water treatment plant.  Flushing the membranes regularly to get the water quality results and to keep the membranes from plugging up. We do all the maintenance on the water pumps, motors and well houses.  We do the maintenance on the generators and maintain them in good working condition for emergencies when the electrical power goes out.

Roberto Nunez