Our Community

The Village of Columbus is in Luna County in southwestern New Mexico, 32 miles south of Deming, NM and adjacent to the Mexico border. From the perspective of Chihuahua, Mexico, Columbus is just north of Puerto Palomas de Villa along a north-south highway connecting to highway 2 which leads east to Ciudad Juarez and west to Ascension and Janos, Mexico. Columbus is at an altitude of 4,050 feet in the desert of southern New Mexico. The Village has an arid climate That is mild during the winter and hot in the summer. It boasts clean healthy air with wide open views over mesquite and grasslands toward mountain ranges in every direction. Village of Columbus and Camp Furlong, a National Historic District: The Village of Columbus along with Camp furlong was given National Historic Status in 1975 (National Register Number 75001164).

Population: Columbus had 2,100 residents in 1920. Reportedly, the community peaked in population with over 10,000 persons including military personnel just after the 1916 raid on Columbus by Pancho Villa. After Fort Columbus was closed, the population of the community dropped to around 400 persons in 1930. And remained steady until 1970. After 1970, the community grew dramatically. The decade of 1990 to 2,000 saw the most gain in population, with an average annual rate of 10.2%. Columbus was the fourth fastest growing municipality between 1960 and 2010 in New Mexico. The estimated population for Columbus in 2010 is 1,897 persons.

Medium age: The medium age in the 2010 census for Columbus is 33.9 Although, there has been a growth of young families with 2-4 children per family. The community is made of approximately 85% Mexicans or Hispanics and 15% non-Hispanics White or Euro-descent.

Immigration: Columbus has not experienced the growth of immigration or problems as have other border communities. 

Brief Settlement History: Originally established in 1891, Columbus was a sleepy border town until 1902, when the El Paso & Southwestern Railroad linking El Paso, Texas and Douglas, Arizona first came to town. The railroad depot was built three miles north of the original Village center. It quickly became the new hub of activity, and the Village grew around it, eventually boasting three hotels, two grocery stores, a Coca-Cola bottling plant, and many merchants.

2021: The community of Columbus remains a Multi-Cultural Community. Columbus is where the Hispanic culture of Mexico and other Latin American Countries and Anglo and European Cultures intersect. The communities of Columbus and Palomas are naturally very close to each other. Family and friend’s relationships, tourism economic base, employment opportunities, cattle, shopping, schools, emergency services, celebration, retail trade. employment opportunities and low-cost dental all are used and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. The Village is a Mayor and Council style government; the Mayor of Columbus is Mayor Esequiel Salas, and there are four Trustees: Paulino (Sonny) Villegas, William Johnson – Mayor Pro-Tem, Rocio A. Sierra, and Nicole Lawson.