Defending Columbus

The flying Jenny

Buffalo Soldiers in Columbus

Welcome to the Historic Village of Columbus Where Old Mexico Meets New Mexico. Situated in the High Desert of Southern New Mexico, surrounded by beautiful mountains as the Florida Mountains to the North East and Tres Hermanas to the North West. Columbus is 3 miles North of the Mexican border and its sister city of Palomas, Mexico.

Come to Columbus and experience the History of the last cavalry before motorized war vehicles. The birth of the first Aero Squadron with the use of the “Jenny” in the Punitive Expedition into Mexico. The stationing of the Buffalo Soldiers (24th Infantry Regiment) in Columbus NM, Palomas and Ascension, Mexico. 

Francisco “Pancho” Villa’s attack on Columbus

As Villa’s men roamed through northern Mexico in the winter of 1915-1916, they were in need of arms, ammunition, food, clothing, and other supplies to revitalize their revolutionary goals. Villa had recently suffered a series of devastating defeats by Mexican co-revolutionary Caranza. Villa’s lack of resources forced him to begin praying on American mining companies and ranches in northern Mexico, robbing payrolls and taking

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Buffalo Soldiers in Columbus, New Mexico

The 24th Regiment was the regiment that the Buffalo Soldiers were assigned to.

The 24th Regiment had recently been in the Philippines where they had been relatively well-received.

The Regiment had only recently returned to the United States when they were sent to Camp Furlong in Columbus, NM

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History of the Columbus Depot

The El Paso and Southwestern RR was completed from Douglas through Columbus to El Paso in Dec., 1902. A depot was built in Columbus north of the tracks. Near it a house was built for the section foreman.

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History of the Post Office in Columbus

Col. Andrew Bailey moved his family to the Huller mansion near Palomas Lake, Chihuahua, in 1888. His son Lester, had TB and the move was for his son’s health. Bailey was Huller’s ranch manager.

Col. Bailey was affluent, having interests in Standard Oil and the Hudson’s Bay Co. He was an active participant in several midwest RR’s.

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History of the Columbus Jail

The process of building the jail began in 1916. A portion of N. Main Street was condemned by the village and $211 was paid to the owners for their rights. Bids were taken to build a concrete jail and V.L. Pupmeier of Denio had the low bid: $987. The County Commissioners appropriated $300 toward the cost in Oct., 1916

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